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11:30am - Power has been restored
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9:18am - There is a power outage in your area
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Outage Map
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Power Center benefits

Once activated you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Real-time power outage monitoring
  • Real-time status updates and notifications
  • Instantly report outages in your area
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Power Center
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Live Outage Map
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Report an Outage
In order to report an outage please activate the Power Center by verifying your account number
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We strive to make the information on our bills as clear as possible by breaking out various charges into line items so you have a better understanding of how the costs are allocated.
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Inform us about your move to ensure service to your new home is ready when you move in, or that your account is updated when you move out.
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Your meter measures your home's energy use. It's easy to read your meter and submit the reading through My Account.
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